Active Members:

Clan Chief- Britt Brinson

The Clan Bard- Neil Fitzgibbons

Color Bearer- Ed Lunderman

Tacksman- Larry “Lone Dog” Lynch

Joseph “J.P.” Hackney

Cody Hackney

Bill Hackney

John Steinmeyer

Clifton Gorden

David Stimpson

Inactive Members:

Tacksman- Philip Boyd

Tacksman- Michael Ramsay

Tacksman-Mark “King Bradley” Tippens

Clan Piper- Ken Bloom

“Skin” Neal

Steve Henderson

Ronald Brimer

James Heldreth

Caleb Green

Nate Brubaker

Marcus Lahn

Collin King

Cody Bennet

Color Bearer- Amos McCall

Clan Piper- Chad Heckle

Fallen Members:

Jeremy Crouse

Daniel Foster

Nick Honzick

Drew Smith

Camp Followers:

Catherine Hackney

Nan Gorden

Nicole Stimpson + Bairns

For Prospective Members:

Are you interested in joining our Clan? Please contact our webmaster for further information. Its easy to get started, and we are always looking for new membership. Regardless of your prior knowledge, experience, or background we will help to immerse you in the time and culture. Your location or your current gear should not be considered barriers, we will work with you to get “up to speed”.

After attending several events and you become familiar with our group and standards,  you may be privileged to be asked to swear fealty to the Clan in a Fealty Ceremony.

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